Be Freaking Safe on Thanksgiving for God’s Sake

Laura Ingraham does Nazi a problem with Thanksgiving get-togethers.

“Liberals who worship at the altar of [Dr. Anthony] Fauci have no problem reaching into your homes and demanding that you behave in a certain way,” Ingram said.

“Socializing with people outside of your immediate cohort or family or your bubble is verboten. And if you had Thanksgiving plans, they want to shame you into canceling them.”

The funniest part about this quote is that Ingraham thinks her viewers know what the word “verboten” means. Though it is German, so perhaps her neo-Nazi viewers are up to speed.

U.S. Marine (1995–1999) | U of Texas graduate | Clio Key Art Award-winning copywriter | Top writer in Satire, Humor, Government, & Politics | Dog lover w/ husky

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