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You’ll find we’re a laid-back, decentralized bunch

Photoshop art by author — man via wallpaperflare, man top center via Brendan Hollis/Unsplash, woman via Alexandru Boicu/Unsplash, person in Guy Fawkes mask via wikipedia, man right center via wallpaperflare, person in ski mask via Natalie Behring/Getty Images, Antifa logo via pngegg.


Get ya shot, kid… get ya shot, kid… get ya shot, kid

Photo by Ken Hively/Getty — altered by author


And here are the indisputable alt-facts

Photo by Foto Sushi on Unsplash
  1. UFOs are everywhere, but most disguise themselves as ordinary airplanes. So, technically they are MFOs — misidentified flying objects.
  2. “Woke” culture is trying to cancel all that is sacred, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, The Easter Bunny, and Roseanne.
  3. Stuffing mashed potatoes in your socks does not ward off coronavirus. …


When cultism trumps patriotism

Photoshop art by author — Trump via Win McNamee/Getty Images, Matt Gaetz via Doug Mills/NYT, Marjorie Taylor Greene via Twitter, Lauren Boebert via Kelsey Brunner/NYT.

I am but a sword without a scabbard to call home.

Photo art by Ryan Zaharako — actress Agnes Robinson by Mathew Brady, Maj. Gen. William F. Barry via Wikimedia Commons


I feel so much freer riding in Crocs.

Photo by FXQuadro via ShutterStock


I will support and defend the good parts of the Constitution

Photo art by author — man with gun by Stephen Mcsweeny via ShuttterStock


An ode to youth baseball’s unsung hero

Photo by By Suzanne Tucker via ShutterStock

Mamma Mia! There’s a new album!

Photo by Graham C99 (schnappi) via Wiki Commons

Don’t get behind the bronco that’s swerving back and forth

Photo by PQK via ShutterStock

Ryan Zaharako

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