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You’ll find we’re a laid-back, decentralized bunch

Photoshop art by author — man via wallpaperflare, man top center via Brendan Hollis/Unsplash, woman via Alexandru Boicu/Unsplash, person in Guy Fawkes mask via wikipedia, man right center via wallpaperflare, person in ski mask via Natalie Behring/Getty Images, Antifa logo via pngegg.


Please refrain from spreading COVID-19 misinformation

Photo art by Ryan Zaharako, Louie Gohmer: Congressional video archives, LaVar Burton: Carol Kaelson | Jeopardy Productions, Lauren Boebert: Elijah Nouvelage | Bloomberg, background photo: Sony Pictures Television — fair use


Your elitist-looking calligraphy has created a hostile work environment

Photo art by Maria Dryfhout via ShutterStock


Mistletoe means you’re DTF

Photoshop by author. Man by Foto Sushi via Unsplash. Background by Evgeny Atamanenko via Shutterstock.
  1. The Three Wise Men who brought baby Jesus gifts to celebrate his birth were the originators of “doing your own research.” They were a beacon of truth and knowledge like the ancient versions of Newsmax, OANN, and Fox News.
  2. The term Xmas dates back to the 1500s when liberals started…


Personal porta-potties are now available

Photo by By Frederic Legrand — COMEO via ShutterStock


“O Captain! my Captain! You’re standing on my oxygen tube.”

The Death of Chatterton by Henry Wallis via Wikicommons

Bubbly the Housing Bubble and the Great Recession! (still available for publication)

Photo art by Ryan Zaharako — Background via Maciej Es, bubble via By svtdesign, calculator via Christos Georghiou, dancer via greenpic.studio, Sonic via Unsplash, Reagan via Wikicommons.

Bubbly the Housing Bubble and the Great Recession


“This holiday is alright, alright, alright!”

Universal Pictures — fair use

Ryan Zaharako

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